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  • Why are Kenyans allowing carelessness to claim mothers’ lives?

    On November 4, 2015, Elizabeth Akal died at the Kakamega General Provincial Hospital, two weeks later another woman Abigail Ng’asia had a 12 hour ordeal waiting to be attended to in a medical case that left her dead. Ng’asia leaves behind a two week old baby whose chances of survival have been greatly reduced by the simple fact that the mother is dead.

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  • Why media must be catalyst for two third rule bill

    The Kenyan political scene should brace itself for a dramatic overhaul if the Two Thirds Gender Principle Bill becomes law.

    The Gender Rule Bill, as proposed by majority leader Aden Duale, is important to the august House and will save the country from a constitutional crisis in 2017 if one gender exceeds the not more than two thirds limit.

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  • Global research reveals Kenyan children feel safer in school than at home

    Kenyan media has been filled by many reports of children being abused around the country. The abuses range from sexual, physical and psychological. In some extreme cases they have died in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

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  • Tusemezane Magazine


    A  magazine by AWC for the Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK) Project.


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  • Reject Newspaper


    The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service

  • Women making a difference in leadership

    Women 's voices and their participation in all aspects of life, particularly in political leadership, are now more important than ever. While women bring fundamental contributions to governance and democratic spaces, their role and input is rarely visible.

    In this regard, African Woman and Child Feature Service with the support of UN Women is producing a series of profiles of women leaders in Kenya, highlighting their capabilities and the value they bring to leadership.

    This publication is therefore the second in a series of compilation of profiles of women political leaders in Kenya geared towards increasing this visibility.


  • Women leaders making a difference

    Women's voices and their participation in all aspects of society are now more important than ever.

    This publication by African Woman and Child Feature Service with the support of UN Women gives visibility to  women leaders and their contribution to economic, political and social spheres in Kenya

  • Kenyan Woman

    Advocating for the rights of women

    The Kenyan Woman is a monthly online newspaper that advocates for the rights of women

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