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AWC maintains a constant flow of well-researched feature stories for local media.

We generate content for both traditional and new media on development issues, international conventions and other instruments which influence development in the region

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  • AWC achieves its objectives by working closely with media managers and editors, civil society organisations, media institutions and professional networks based in Kenya, Africa and elsewhere.

    Some of our partners include the School of Journalism at the University of Nairobi, the Kenya Editors' Guild, Gender Links in South Africa and the Kenya Correspondents Association.



Tusemezane Magazine

Tusemezane Magazine

Promoting a society free of Gender Violence

A monthly magazine by AWC for the Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK) Project.  
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Reject Newspaper

Reject Newspaper

The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service
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Kenyan Woman

Kenyan Woman

Advocating for the rights of women
The Kenyan Woman is a monthly online newspaper that advocates for the rights of women
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Kenyan media and women in Political news

Kenyan media and women in Political news

AWCFS undertook this study on Kenyan Media and Women in Political News to establish the extent of marginalization or exclusion of women voices and views in political news in Kenya. The report presents the evidence of the exclusion or inclusion, giving readers the opportunity to draw their own conclusion on the issue.

Download the study