Our Vision

A media that enhances acceptance of diversity and gender equality for equitable development.


Our Mission

To promote diversity, gender equity, social justice and development in Africa through media, training, research and content development.



 Our Beliefs

The beliefs on which our work is founded are:

  • A vibrant and inclusive media environment is crucial to equitable development and social justice.
  • The content and structure of the media should reflect the diversity of society.
  • The media is a platform for giving voice to the voiceless
  • For many years, women and children issues have been marginalised by the media
  • Research is a means of generating information, creating awareness and improving knowledge on gender
  • A just society has institutional frameworks and mechanisms that ensure equitable distribution of resources to women and children
  • Advocacy is a tool for empowering women and children.


Our Values

Our board and staff members share a set of core values that guide our work and decision making processes.

Integrity and quality:We value and promote integrity and quality in all the work that we do.

Working with others: We cooperate and collaborate with other organizations to enhance the work that we do.

Non-partisan: We have no political or religious affiliations, and this makes it possible to work with other diverse partners in diverse environments.

Non-discrimination: We are champions for non-discrimination and equal opportunities for men, women and children; in the workplace and in the field.

Team Work: We promote team work within the organisation, which enhance synergy and efficiency

Transparency and accountability: We value and promote transparency and accountability in all our work


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