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Gender and Governance

ImageWould you like to contest for a parliamentary seat? If one is to pose this question to the majority of women in Kenya the response is likely to get a resounding No! It is not that women are uninterested in actively participating in politics or transforming the societies that they live in, but the face a raft of stumbling blocks in their quest for declaring interest in and seeking political seats.
The Sexual Offences Act is a timely piece of legislation which other than comprehensively providing for all conceivable sexual offences and prescribing stiff sentences to perpetrators, also interestingly protects society not only from would be offenders but also from itself.
ImageComprehensive post rape care services, including post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) offers a lifeline for survivors of sexual violence. Although it has been rolled out to the district level in the public health system, and is provided at no cost, there are still bottlenecks to its universal access for those who need it most.
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Survivors of Gender-based Violence Part II

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Image*Last week, a brave survivor of a seven hour gang rape ordeal opted to have an open court session so as to break the stigma and shame that comes with it.

This is the story of Charlotte Campbell Stephens, 34, a Volunteer from Australia working in Kenya for African LEAF (Love, Education, Acknowledge and Feed) an organisation that caring for orphans and vulnerable children, AS TOLD to Susan Mwangi.

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Tamar?s suffering is not yet over

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While violence against women has existed as problem throughout history, the senselessness and ferocious increase in recent years is disturbing.

Within the sanctuary walls of our Churches, we have accommodated both the victims and perpetuators of violence, worshipping together. Yet the Church has been ill-prepared and I daresay, unwilling to minister to and accommodate the survivors of gender-based violence on the one hand, and to reach out to perpetrators of violence with meaningful interventions that bring restoration and healing.

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Survivors of Gender-based Violence

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Survivor Story - As told to Sheila Brenya

I got married in 1995 and the following year I had my first child. The day I had gone to deliver he never came to the hospital. When I was discharged I met him in the house and he told me he lost his job. I believed him and accepted him back. He started beating me up for no apparent reason. He started drinking and coming home late, sometimes he would disappear. I talked to him about his behavior but he became more violent and left.

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Sexual crime stalks Naivasha

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Sexual violence continues to represent the most rapidly growing violent crimes in Kenya, claiming a victim every two minutes. Naivasha town and its environs is a rape hotspot – with children and women being the most frequent victims.

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Laws and Policies

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ImageThe Judiciary came under attack last Friday for using the old penal code laws and not the new Sexual Offenses Act that provides for stiffer sentences for culprits of sexual violence.

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Church Leaders Urge Men To Respect Women?s Rights

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After many years of women’s rights campaigns by civil society organizations to end gender based violations, it turns out that these efforts will not have full impact unless all institutions are included in these initiatives.

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