A Kenyan scientist is dashing to the finish line in the microbicide race, with the development of a gel that offers triple benefits-ability to kill HIV, protect women from pregnancy, and act as a lubricant.

Studies in monkeys have shown the microbicide gel’s ability to immobilize the sperms, preventing conception, with those in the laboratories indicating the gel’s ability to kill HIV by making the vaginal environment too acidic for the virus to survive. 

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Shaping with doctor's knife

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Few years ago it was a taboo subject and one thought to be a preserve of the rich and mighty or performing stars.

But in the last four decades, plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes has become a favoured procedure of the middle income earners who are ready to save or take a loan to enhance their looks.

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Potential side effects of plastic surgery

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What you need to Know about

  • Breast enlargment or augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tucks
  • Liposuction
Once considered a trend among women  and celebrities in Europe and America, demand for fine breasts, tummy and hips is becoming a new craze among Kenyan women who are jamming clinics in search of cosmetic surgery.

Aged between 16 and 55 years, majority of these women are said to be very conscious of how they look, with cosmetic surgery coming in handy to enhance their beauty and attractiveness.

In the last one year alone, over 70 women have had their breast either reduced, enlarged, or lifted in attempt to gain a better body symmetry.

A drug that Kenyan women have been using for a long time to treat herpes simplex infection might just hold the key to fighting the HIV virus and reduce significantly episodes of opportunistic infections.

Findings of the study done in Burkina Faso has left Kenyan scientists overjoyed after it indicated that the drug, valacyclovir (Valtrex), has the effect of reducing the amount of HIV in the body. 

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Wrong evaluations hurting mentally ill patients

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Health workers in Kenyan public hospitals and even private ones are passing patients with mental illness as malaria case or sufferers of other illnesses.

Psychiatrists who deal with these patients say the rate at which misdiagnosing is happening is not good for the country. And such patients are reaching mental experts or institutions when the damage has already been done.

THE second day of the World Social Forum was not just about camaraderie and colour, it also saw the most compelling and attention-catching assembly and display of slogans by gender activists from all over the world.

In their diversity, tenor and colour, each of the messages as proclaimed affirmed in the most tacit way, “Equality for Women Now!”

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Demand for breast reduction on a steady rise

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Several women who want to look gorgeous and curvy in the right places are trooping to hospitals and spending dearly to have their breasts condensed to sizes that are firm like those of teenagers.
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Face to face with TB super strain

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When Loice Gakii was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital on 12th December 2005 as patient number 0000181594, her family did not know they were going to come face to face with the realities of a disease they had feared most - Multi Drug Resistance tuberculosis.

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