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Concerns over rising neonatal deaths

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Imagine an airplane crashing everyday killing all the 140 passengers .The media will be busy covering the accidents,  social media will be jammed due to the number of hits and the public’s concern will be trending.

Every year, World breastfeeding week which runs from 1-7 August is celebrated. Despite breast milk being the most natural and free method of giving a baby immunity to diseases, new statistics indicate that the lives of 95 babies could be saved every hour - 830,000 a year around the world - if new mothers breastfed immediately after giving birth.

A racket involving the sale of Government drugs has been unearthed in Kuria West District, Migori County.

Workers from some health facilities have been selling out medicines to traders, some of whom come from neighbouring Tanzania.

Cheap is proving to be expensive and life threatening as farmers rake millions

Majority of inhabitants in Nairobi depends on the food grown outside the city mainly from Nakuru, Nyeri and Kiambu Counties.

However, some city residents have become farmers either by design or default depending on the residential area one resides in and one’s lifestyle.

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Taking stock on challenges and successes ...

Written by Kenya continues to contain highly contagious vaccine preventable diseases

According to Medical experts, immunization  is not only the most cost-effective health intervention, it is also the most successful, preventing millions of deaths every year.

The Ministry of Public Health requires KSh 1 billion in the next two years to impede the level of tuberculosis (TB) prevalence.

At the moment, Kenya has been ranked among the top 13 in the 22 countries burdened with TB globally.

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Forgotten Kenyans left behind

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In Laisamis even the most basic health care services are missing

Residents of Korr in Northern Kenya are yet to see proper health care facilities built and equipped to cater for them 50 years after independence.

Disturbing revelations are emerging that senior doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital, popularly known as consultants, have left management of patients to their students as they spend much of the time in their well-paying personal clinics or private hospitals.

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Hope for TB patients as test kit is put up

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A promising new and innovative diagnostic test will now enable doctors to detect more people with drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), thus increasing the urgency to respond to challenges of the pricing and supply of DR-TB medicines.

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