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Uncertainty looms as HIV funding dwindles

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 Women take to the street to protest the unavailability of 

treatment for those living with HIV/Aids. Picture: Reject correspondentNational Aids Control Council (NACC) wants the Government to increase funding for HIV treatment now that some main donors have expressed intention to pull out.

The Central Kenya NACC regional monitoring and evaluation officer, James Kiiru, said that there will be an increase in Aids related deaths if the funding is not sustained.

The married life for Peter and Jane was blissful until mid this year when the unthinkable happened: Jane abandoned him, left their six year-old son in his care, and got married to another man.

Having given her the love and support she deserved, Peter found it difficult to reconcile his wife’s action.

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KNH makes HIV testing a routine practice

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Three years ago, it was seen as wishful thinking when it was suggested that patients consulting hospitals undergo routine HIV testing. But a new practice at KNH that allows doctors to make HIV test one of the many tests patients should undertake when they present with certain symptoms or illnesses attributable to the disease is turning everything into reality.
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Volunteers overwhelm HIV vaccine scientists

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ImageScientists conducting the AIDS Vaccine trials have received volunteers in excess of what they needed, forcing them to stop the recruitment process.

And for the first time, over 30 percent of those participating are women compared to less than 10 percent who did so in the first vaccine trials, which failed to produce the desired results.


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Here Comes a Before Sex Aids pill

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Scientists in the US, Ghana, Botswana and Thailand are conducting trials on 6,600 people on the use of a drug which has been shown to offer protection against HIV infection even while engaging in unprotected sex.

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Study offers hope for HIV positive mothers

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Women in an Aids RunMothers who are HIV positive may not have to worry a lot about passing the virus to their babies through breast milk if preliminary results of a study going on in Kisumu are ultimately proved to be effective.

American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in collaboration with Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) are carrying out a study on the use of ARV combination therapy that would enable HIV positive pregnant women who are exclusively breastfeeding to significantly reduce the risks of passing the virus to their babies.

Women living with HIV/AIDS have called on governments to reconsider policies that encourage stigmatisation.

Ludfine Anyango a woman living with HIV/Aids, says that women bear the greatest burden when it comes to the disease.


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Violence and the threat of HIV/AIDS

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Caroline lives in Kibera slums with her husband and one child. This HIV positive 23 year old vividly remembers the day she was raped while collecting firewood a few years ago. Then only 17 years of age she became pregnant and ran away from home to live with an aunt. After delivering, the baby became ill frequently and died. She was later married off to a young man she had never met. In fact she was put on bus and sent to Nairobi where the man met her and took her to his house in Kibera slums. When she had her second child she fell ill frequently and was informed that she had the HIV virus and that she may have passed the virus to her baby too. Between sobs she narrates how her husband forbade her to go back to the clinic where she believes she would have got enough information to enable her decide what to do with her life.
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The Many Faces of a Sustained Fight

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Various Stories on HIV/Aids by different authors

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