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Forced evictions continue unabated

Written by Bridget Namitala
ImageALMOST everyday, the common man suffers from the social injustice of being evicted from their home or land either by the government or people who are more powerful than them. The situation worsens in areas where people have been forcefully evicted from their land as a result of land clashes.
“Eviction is an international problem which cannot be underestimated because it’s a human rights issue,” said Priscilla Gabende a Nigerian Woman fighting for women rights at the World Social Forum in Nairobi.

Amnesty International and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) have challenged African governments to end forced evictions, describing them as one of the most widespread and unrecognised human rights violations on the continent.

The problem of evictions is one of the social problems that has featured greatly at the World Social Forum because 15 per cent of the World’s population is subjected to forced evictions caused by foreign investments in indebted countries or those under going transition especially African countries.

Gabende is campaigning for ‘Zero Evictions’ since evictions causes a lot of agony, death, rapid loss of communities and their territories segregation and marginalization of individuals especially women and children in Africa.

African governments justifying evictions on the grounds that they necessary for the development. In most cases it is the poor and vulnerable members of society are placed at greater risk.

Women in Africa are faced with other challenges like poverty and Aids and the evictions just add onto the problems they already face.

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