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Profiling Political Aspirants

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 AWC undertook profiling of Women Political Aspirants. Read their profiles and inspiration for running.



Agnes Malundu (Kitui South) Agnes Ndinda Malundu

Constituency: Kitui South Constituency   


I have a passion for the people in my constituency. Kitui South is one of the poorest constituencies in Kenya. There is no water and few viable options for livelihood and sustenance. Charcoal burning which is illegal and precarious yet it is the main source of income for many families. The community has depended on relief food for the last nine years.

I intend to improve standards of living by adapting to appropriate technologies encouraging irrigation using Athi River waters and also sinking boreholes.

Agnes Awinja Okong’o (Mrs.)

Constituency:    Rongo


- To educate women and the youth on their rights.
- Also help women and the youth to be more involved in income generating projects.

 Alice Wahome

Alice Muthoni Wahome

Constituency: Kandara Constituency


- Inclusion and participation of women in all spheres of leadership
- Power to influence reforms in favour of women


Alice Syombua Soo  Alice Syombua Soo

Constituency: Kibwezi Constituency   


A new perspective on leadership that is sensitive to the lives and concerns of constituents in Kibwezi.  Bringing a leadership culture that is transparent and inclusive and open to the participation of women, men, young women and young men.

Alicen ChelaiteAlicen Chelaite, M.P.

Constituency: Rongai Constituency

The current Assistant Minister, Gender, Culture and Social Services. A former Nakuru Mayor, she has served as a councilor for 20 years and as a businesswoman for 15 years. She seeks to improve the provision and access to social services and amenities in Rongai Constituency.

Anastasia Wambui Mathenge  Anastasia Mathenge

Constituency:                   Embakasi Constituency   


- This is an opportunity to participate in and offer her expertise in the development of Kenya
-To offer true leadership that will ensure the participation of all stakeholders within the constituency
- To work towards poverty alleviation; currently Embakasi is ranked third in Kenya’s poverty index
- To build infrastructure and ensure proper planning
- To ensure the Dandora Dumpsite is moved away from the residential  area as it  a major health hazard
- To represent women’s issues in parliament and to contribute to the facilitation of gender parity in every sphere of leadership


  • Anne Mkongombe Mwalimo

Constituency:Taita Taveta


- A passion to bring development in my constituency.

- To construct better roads, bring electricity, and build more schools and health facilities.


 Ann Njogu 

Constituency               Kamukunji


A strong believer in transforming the current leadership culture from one compromised of narrow self interest to one that is based on values, issues driven with integrity, accountability and social justice as the core pillars.


 Angela Kamene Kimwele Image

 Constituency:         Embakasi Constituency


- Participating in formulating policies that will see a more even distribution of resources and opportunities in Kenya resulting in improved livelihoods and lifestyles for all Kenyans
- Power; acquiring power to influence reform in favour of women

Asenath Kaimuru Nyamu

Constituency:                South Imenti


Betty Buseiga Shikanga

Constituency:              Ikolomani


- My passion is to bring total developmental changes in my constituency and I also hope that I will be my people’s potential.


 Beatrice Cheokenoi 

Constituency:             Sotik


To run for MP is to bring about development in Sotik.


Image Beatrice Wasike   

Constituency:                   Makadara Constituency   


- To make a difference in the life of the masses and improve their livelihoods

- Promote transformational leadership   

Beatrice Askul Moe   

Beatrice Moe

Constituency:                   Turkana South Constituency   


-To see more women participating in the development processes
- Work towards acknowledgement and acceptance of women’s leadership capacities among pastoralist communities
- Demonstrating leadership in addressing issues of insecurity in Turkana South
- Addressing the challenges of availing clean safe water and health facilities for communities and good practices in livestock management
- Always conscious that central to development processes is a critical mass of a well informed, healthy and articulate population
- Prioritisation and decision-making should emanate from the people


Caroline Wambui Ngang’aCaroline Ngang'a

Constituency:                   Lari Constituency   


- To work together with the people of Lari to eradicate the high rates of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment especially among the youth
- Improve infrastructure - especially roads and to bring awareness through civic and voter education so to remove women from the cocoon


Cecilia MwathiCecilia Mwathi

Constituency        Tetu


- To educate and inform the people of Tetu and Nyeri District as a whole
- Work towards alleviating poverty in the constituency


 Christine Macharia

Constituency:                   Mwea


A passion for Community Mobilisation

Christine Nyagitha Miller

Constituency           Githunguri


- Improve the welfare of my constituents
- Ensure all the children are in school
- Ensure that all children are immunized
- Improvement of public health services in Githunguri


 Consolata Yambo Migowa  Consolata Migowa

Constituency:                   Gwassi


- To address infrastructure and staffing for schools in the constituency
- To address the declining standards of education
- To create a healthy constituency by addressing issues of access and service delivery in the public health
- To transform Gwassi from perennial food insecurity to a bread-basket of fish, millet and maize
- To address market access and road infrastructure. Gwassi is still marginalized from the regional and national economy
- To address poverty issues.  Gwassi has amongst the highest poverty levels in Kenya.  I am inspired by the people of Gwassi in seeking homegrown solutions to improve livelihoods and the quality of life. 

Connie Kivuti

Constituency           Makadara


- To bring change in the economic and social links of the people of Makadara

- Addressing insecurity and unemployment, especially among young people



Edna BoreEdna Cherono Bore

Constituency:             Bureti


To run is mainly to promote women’s activities.


Florence Ayabei Murgor

Constituency:          Eldoret East


To run is for better delivery of services through education.

Florence MachayoFlorence Machayo

Constituency:          Lugari


To improve the standards of living of the people of Lugari.  Florence Machayo is a believer in hard work and self-reliance.  She is also the former chairperson of ECWD.


 Faith Muli (Dr)  

Constituency:   Mwala-Kitui


To work towards economic and social transformation in  Mwala and foster unity for development and progress.


Image Grace Mwema

Constituency  Kibwezi


To run is mainly to help women in the district to achieve more experience politically.



 Hellen Sambili (Proffessor)

Constituency:                Mogotio


To contribute to the welfare of the people of Mogotio.

Helen Yego

Constituency:               Cherangany


I would like to make a difference in the lives of my constituents.

Hellen Njue Hellen Njue

Constituency:                   EMBU


To pursue an agenda for affirmative action




WanyoikeIrene Wanyoike

Constituency:                   Kasarani


Improving access to opportunities and livelihoods for constituents and a special focus on tackling poverty issues.


Jane Akeyo Okendo  Image

Constituency:                   Rongo Constituency   


I have been deeply involved in community development building nursery schools, contributing towards building churches and other development projects. Currently there is no woman Parliamentarian from Nyanza Province.  I have a passion for the work I do in my constituency.

I intend to tackle the issues that are close to the hearts of farmers, women and youth.  I shall also work with Rongo constituents to address poverty, bad roads, school drop-out rates, insecurity and HIV/AIDS.


 Jacqueline Namye

Constituency:                   Makadara


Addressing women’s challenges
Jacqueline is a good facilitator in the movement of resources to women


Jillo Marina

Constituency:                Isiolo South


To help lead my community in a better and more transparent way.
To develop gender both politically and economically.


Joyce Majiwa

Constituency:                   Karachuonyo


A strong sense of purpose and public service spirit to fellow human beings.  I am well qualified and experienced in public issues and will be a good steward for the constituency development funds.

ImageJoyce Mwangoji

Constituency:         Mwatate


Joyce Mwangoji is a human rights activist and the chairperson of Mandeleo ya Wanawake Organisation, Taita Taveta district. She is a board member of the Coaliation on Violence Against Women (COVAW).

Her concerns for Mwatate constituency are food, security, infrastructure, unemployment and health care.


Joyce Nyambura Wamahiu

Constituency:       Kinangop


To advocate for greater women’s representation in politics and governance.

Juliet DimaJuliet Dima Ojego

Constituency:                   Kisumu West


I want to improve academic performance by way of creating incentives for Teachers/students through strategic partnerships with parents and school heads.

I also intend to:

- Mobilize funds to improve the Jua Kali sector.
- Support persons living with HIV/AIDS and care providers through resource mobilization. 



 Konso Mumina Jillo

Constituency:        Isiolo South Constituency


I am an educationist and active women’s leader, an official of Women Access Programme in Isiolo, Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation, Isiolo as well as ECWD.


 Lila Chepkemoi Siele

Constituency: Bomet

To improve girl’s education.

  Lina Kilimo, MP

Constituency: Marakwet


Former Minister of Immigration. She is well known in her constituency for her activism on the girl child and against FGM. She is also a former banker. She is devoted to serving her constituents.



  Lilian Akiiya Mwaura

Constituency: Kiambaa


Empowering grassroots women through training in advocacy, lobbying, gender and governance issues, legal education, resource mobilization, project management and marketing.



Lucy Wangechi Kairu

Constituency: Kieni Central


Raising standards of living for Kieni Constituents by initiating new projects aimed at alleviating poverty.

Lydiah Muthusi (Reverend)

Constituency: Kilome Constituency


I want to bring leadership to the alleviation of poverty and to the reconstruction of strong economic and social wellbeing.

Maryann Hussein Mohammed

Constituency: Fafi Garissa

To bring about change and support women.

Molly Mwangi (Dr)

Constituency: Kiharu


Economic empowerment and social transformation for Kiharu.



  Monicah Mumo

Constituency: Mutito (Kitui East)



This is will be a chance to uplift standards of my people especially the women.

  Mueni Esther Ngumbi

Constituency: Mbooni

Mbooni people need a leader and this would be an excellent opportunity to give them what they need.
To bring them out of poverty and also to work with them closely on developmental projects.

Martha Jemuge Chelal

Constituency: Baringo North

To offer leadership for the purpose of development

Mabel Kifworo

Constituency: Vihiga

- To deal with issues relating to women and youth.
- To negotiate for women’s representation at all decision making forums.

  Marion Wanjiku Mutugi



Raise standard of living for the Kieni Constituents by initiating new projects aimed at alleviating poverty. Marion Mutugi says that it is only when you assist people to achieve their goals that you are able to achieve yours. She is keen to assist disadvantaged rural and urban communities to utilize available resources to improve their livelihoods.



  Mary Mumbi Ndungu

Constituency: Kabete


I am a development conscious person, determined to achieve specific goals and objectives through commitment to my work.



Misho Khamisi

Constituency: Likoni


To tackle the high poverty levels in Likoni and to address the high illiteracy rates.



Molly Wamaitha Mwangi (Dr)

Constituency: Kiharu Constituency



I have valuable experience and vast contacts through working with local communities. I have been able to contribute to community empowerment and development processes. I relate well with Kiharu constituents and I have a passion for working with my people to reduce the high levels of poverty.

Muthoni Mbogo

Constituency: Manyatta Constituency

- To represent the people of Manyatta in accordance with their wishes and aspirations
- To reduce Poverty
- To jump start the economy
- To revive lost culture



Nancy Njunji Hinga

Constituency: Kabete Constituency


Nancy Hinga is passionate about dealing with rising poverty levels. She is keen to see her constituents gain access to the basic needs such as: health, education, clean and safe water, food and shelter.
Her greatest strength is community mobilization. She has over 18 years experience in development work. She has made the observation that people are not able to change their circumstances because they have not known how to mobilize their resources; indeed poverty is often not in the pocket but in the mind. A leader proposes alternatives and galvanizes energy towards programmes that have a long lasting impact on the people’s lives. “If what I have done in war–ravaged Sudan has impacted positively the poor, then the impact will be a hundred-fold among the hard working people of Kabete Constituency.”

Naomi Vulenywa Barasa

Constituency: Kasarani Constituency


I want to introduce issue based politics in Kasarani. Living standards in the constituency are very low with women and children as the biggest casualties. I will work towards improving access and infrastructure in the constituency, especially in health (maternity services, access to ARVs and access to clean, safe water), security and facilitating access to secondary and tertiary education levels. I intend to mobilize resources for job creation for the youth in the constituency and finally to involve my constutients towards a responsive relationship that allows for engagement with their leaders that is also transparent and accountable.


Njeri Kiagayu

Constituency: Ndaragwa Central




Pamela Mburia

Constituency: Meru


“I will not give empty promises when seeking votes,” is Pamela Mburia’s assurance to her constituents.

  Pauline Mueni Kivila

Constituency: Makadara Constituency

Creation of job opportunities for the unemployed i.e. setting up a plastics recycling factory in Makadara which will create opportunities for a lot of poor people in Makadara.
Transformative change e.g. in the management of CDF money to create community projects.

Change in top government leaders by proposing motions which favour women in developing our nation.



Rachel Shebesh

Constituency: Kasarani

I want to campaign for debt cancellation
Ensure Affirmative Action is implemented

Rachel Chebet Yegon

Constituency: Bureti

Reginalda Nakhumicha Wanyonyi (Dr)

Constituency: Kimilili (Ford Kenya)

- To assist the people of Kimilili Constituency reduce poverty ie. improve their living standard through improved productive skills and marketing
- Facilitate economic empowerment through income generating activities
- Facilitation and strengthening of educational institutions for development to tackle the current low levels of literacy
- To address the issue of poor infrastructure to facilitate avenues for transformative development

  Rose Dorcas Cheche (Councillor)

Constituency: Khwisero Constituency - Kisa Central


I have been a councilor for a period of five years and during that time I facilitated a number of projects in my ward such as construction of boreholes, formation of several vibrant women’s groups, youth groups and also sustainable utilization and maintenance of natural springs. I am certain that if I am elected as MP I will be able to accomplish much more for my constituents. They have requested me to vie for the post because they have seen my work and have confidence in me.

<;br />  Rose Ann K Mbithi

Constituency: Machakos Town- Eastern

To strengthen the rural woman’s capacity for community development.

<;strong>Rozaah A Buyu

Constituency: Kisumu West


I want to be sensitive to creating a regional balance without compromising quality.

Tabitha Seii

Constituency: Keiyo South Constituency

Due to my vast experience as a leader, I advocate for democratic reforms in Kenya and my constituency

Ted A. Olang

Constituency: Karachuonyo

- To reduce poverty
- The need for more employment opportunities.
- To enhance access to local resources.
- Be able to empower marginalized members of the community, especially women and children.



  Vicky Owaki Webuye

Constituency: Langata

To help the marginalized women.



  Winnie Koima

Constituency: Eldama Ravine


The potential and opportunities women leaders have to influence change and bring about development within the society.

Wilkista W. Muiruri

Constituency: Ndaragwa

- My passion is to articulate issues affecting women and the youth in our society.
- To boost representation of women in all factors of development.
- To have a better understanding of the problems affecting my constituents and how they can be addressed easily.


  Zipporah J Kittony

Constituency: Cherangani

To help develop the constituency. 

Zuhura R. Khamisi

Constituency: Muthini Eastleigh Ward

- To address poverty.
- Access to health
- Economic and social empowerment