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When is a man infertile or fertile?

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Many men may not know their fertility status until they undergo one definitive test: Semen analysis, which is able to separate infertile from fertile men.

Medics argue that results of semen analysis will assist the man to know if they have a problem with their sperms and if it can be rectified.

A Study conducted at Kenyatta National Hospital’s (KNH) Comprehensive Care Centre and published in a recent East African Medical Journal shows that of the 94 HIV positive women who were interviewed, 55.8 percent were not using contraceptives.

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Women shun breast-feeding for formula milk

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It was billed as the best thing for women and HIV positive mothers who wanted to increase child survival or prevent the passage of the virus to their children. 

But now exclusive breastfeeding is encountering major troubles with the country’s rates falling sharply from 36 percent to a paltry 2.7 percent within a period of seven years, the worst in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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MoonBeads Advance ' Safe Days' Concept

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MoonBeadsJulia Nabasa had almost given up on her quest to find a family planning method, which was gentle to her body yet highly effective.

“The introduction of MoonBeads as a form of contraceptive, came as a beautiful surprise to me seeing that it was  natural and had no side effects,” says 29 year old Julia Nabasa.

The mother of three says that the concept behind MoonBeads is a welcome relief for her and many other women, whose bodies have rejected other forms of contraceptives. 

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Women Grapple with Reproductive Health

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When Judith Nande gave birth to her youngest son in June 1998, her sisters were openly resentful towards her decision to have her ninth child at 44 years of age.

Having become pregnant at the tender age of 16 and moving on to deliver eight children in quick succession, they found this delivery rather worrying. 

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There is Need to Curb Cervical Cancer

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While many people are in and out of the hospital every other day, Jacinta Mworia has enjoyed what for many is exceptional health.

Nothing therefore prepared her for what befell her in August last year when she experienced very heavy bleeding. 

It was a moment that would change her life forever.

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Women die through Unsafe Abortions

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When Jacinta Marete discovered that she was pregnant, she was in her first year in one of the public universities in the country. Having been among the chosen few who secure themselves a place in these institutions of higher learning, her dream of becoming a pharmacist was slowly shaping up.

But this new developments, threatened to deal a hard blow to a dream she had nurtured for many years. Only 19 years old, she felt like her world had fallen apart. “I was shattered, I knew my parents would be disappointed and that my boyfriend wouldn’t take responsibility, I had to do something drastic,’’ she said solemnly.

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Sanitary pads go missing on the counters

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First it was essential food stuffs that went out of stock, now women in the last few days have been hit with a shortage of particular brands of their favourite sanitary pads. 

Several of these women have been hopping frantically from one supermarket to another in search of their preferred brands.

On the hilly and rugged terrain of Emuyaha constituency, a pregnant woman groans in pain as another bewildered old woman looks on helplessly.

Few months ago, Jane Esitwati, who operates in this village as a revered Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA), would have delivered this woman without hesitation. 

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