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Reproductive Health

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The Fight against FGM is far from over

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The arrival of winter in Europe and North America is a signal for some to take flight from the cold and follow the sun to Kenya to sample the warm weather and tourist sites. Accompanying them are another kind of visitor, just as keen to flee the harsh legal climate .
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Hospital overwhelmed with assault cases

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Kenyatta National Hospital is receiving unprecedented high number of patients whose hands or arms have been partly or completely chopped off, making the hospital to consider establishing a hands unit. 
Dr Tanga Audi
Dr Tanga Audi, a plastic and hand surgeon at Kenyatta National Hospital

The hospital is now seeing up to 20 people every week from five cases previously with either thumbs, the four fingers or the whole hand nearly or totally amputated through what doctors describe as an increase in assaults and industrial accidents.

A number of African gender advocates in both government and civil society have put up spirited fight to have the United Nations create a Fund to address millennium development goal issues of reproductive health.

G-strings – that little garment that has some people whistling with approval, sneering or going gaga whenever they see them peeping out of revealing jeans.

In America, where the pants command one third of the women's underwear, the sales have dropped by at least 20 percent, when in Kenya retailers say they are doing booming business.

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Why abortion cannot be wished away

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Abortion is still a hush-hush issue in Kenya. But despite laws, which restrict the termination of pregnancy, illegal abortion continues in this East African nation unabated.
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Safe motherhood remains slippery in Africa

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“Every pregnant woman (in Africa ) has one foot in the grave……”Ambassador Dr. Eunice Brookman-Amissah, IPAS Vice-President for Africa and former Minister of Health of Ghana.

Motherhood and the birth of a new baby are supposed to be a joyous affair for all women regardless of their social status.

But this is not the case in the far-flung Home Bay district where Jossy Otieno and his wife reside.


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Miscarriage Denies Kenya her First Test-tube Baby

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Unfortunately, in what would have been the first test tube baby in Kenya, the woman suffered a miscarriage that Dr Lumbasyo says would have happened even to other women who conceive through the natural processes.

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Abortion Deaths Ignored in Kenya

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At every parley or public function, Kenyan health officials are in a no-holds-barred mood as they discuss HIV/Aids and opportunistic infections. However the mood changes to one of open hostility when the issue of abortion crops up.

Reason? Abortion is illegal in this country, unless in very unique circumstances.

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