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The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service. 

As of 2016, the Reject is published online on reject.awcfs.org

Reject Online Issue 100

In this issue:

  • Climate change legislation takes shape
  • Students fall prey to chewing khat
  • Alarm over maternal deaths due to HIV
  • Global climate change deal likely to succeed
  • Rain fed irrigation changes livelihoods in Embu
  • Water scarcity amid plenty in Kwale
  • Human cost of climate change leaves African Women disproportionately affected
  • Air pollution blamed for rise in respiratory infections
  • Plastics pose grave danger to environment
  • Road transport a major source of air pollution in urban areas
  • Disinheritance of windows to blame for increased HIV infections
  • Youth get space to experience their talent in art
  • Malnutrition among children linked to violence
  • Higher standards set for community health volunteers
  • Myths and misconceptions hinder immunisation endeavours
Reject Online Issue 99 - Celebrating World Population Day

cover of Reject 99 Celebrating World Population Day 2014


Reject Online Issue 98 - Celebrating the African Child

Reject Online issue 98Celebrating the African Child



Reject Online Issue 96

In this issue: Reject Online Newspaper issue 96

  • Inspector soldiers on two decades later
  • Anti-drugs campaign gets boost
  • A Seargent's journey of courage and hope
  • Experts alarmed over rise in heart diseases
  • Heavy burden of caring for disabled children
  • Women and children at risk of climate change
  • Concerns over rising neonatal deaths
  • CCTV Cameras rescue patients in Kisii County
  • Drug barons flood seed market with counterfeits
  • Women traders want share of devolved funds
  • Turkana women abandon pastoralism for agriculture
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