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The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service. 

As of 2016, the Reject is published online on reject.awcfs.org

Reject Online Issue 55

Highlights in this issue:

  • Mining project sparks panic
  • Family steeped in misfortunes appeals for help
  • From the frying pan of forced marriage into the fire of forced sterilisation
  • Rape and kidnappings left a village devastated
  • Deaf brothers prove sceptics wrong
Reject Online Issue 54

Highlights of this issue:

  • Bagalla victims cry for justice
  • Poverty hampers adherence to TB, ARV Treatment
  • Parents outwit system to circumicise girls in Tanzania
  • Anti-FGM crusader lauds the new law to curb the practise
  • Profile : Lawyer turns hobby into fortune
  • Consumer rights being robbed by escalating food prices
  • Man who raped blind girl yet to be arrested
Reject Online Issue 53

Highlights of this issue:

  • 63 years of elusive justice
  • Schoolgirls turn to commercial sex work
  • Multi-million butterfly project keeps community alive
  • Pastor renders family homeless
  • High Level Response needed for SGBV
Reject Online Issue 52

Highlights in this issue:

  • Trust Fund to bridge donor gap
  • Struggle to find sustainable financing of HIV
  • Discovery of AIDS vaccine best way to manage pandemic
  • Poverty influencing risky decisions among youth
  • Better management of HIV makes women safer
  • Efforts to have infection among young people reduced
  • Stigma a time bomb waiting to happen
  • It has been a long way to breaking the silence
Reject Online Issue 51
Highlights in this issue:
  • Punching bag and shield
  • Loud echoes of unheard voices affected by violence
  • No justice for 1,000 military rape cases
  • Family bill seeks to eliminate domestic violence
  • Where danger lurks in the night
  • Robbed of their womanhood without consent
  • Teacher beats all odds despite being blind
  • Will the constitution save girls from culture?
Reject Online Issue 50

Highlights in this issue:


  • Battle over the Yala Swamp
  • HIV women leading the way in Kenya's fight against the scourge
  • Mama Uhuru still has her candle flickering
  • Blessing or curse in marshland as partnership falls apart
  • Church turns a blind eye on blind children
  • Haunted houses remain empty as residents seek land
  • Reject bags world population award
Reject Online Issue 49

Highlights in this issue:

  • Sacrifices of freedom heroes
  • Waithera, yesteryear's brave Mau Mau spy girl
  • The role homeguards played during Mau Mau
  • Uncelebrated heroine: Meet Nyar Usigu, a woman devoted to teaching children
  • Ojijo Oteko stands out as an independence freedom fighter
  • Development bars elephants from breeding
Reject Online Issue 48

Highlights in this issue:

  • The elusive cattle rustlers
  • Situation remains dire for squatters of Kibwezi
  • Late detection marks the ravages of breast cancer
  • A bleeding disorder that could be unique to Central Province
  • Illegal power connections in slums ticking time bomb
  • CCK move to tame courier services
  • New lease of life as Prisons implement new laws
  • Campaign for guinea pigs in fight against food insecurity
Reject Online Issue 47

Highlights in this issue:

  • Army and community in land tussle
  • Kenya's own dog whisperer
  • Citizens reclaim park from grabbers
  • Honey pots of Korogocho
  • Tribulations of living with a terminal illness
  • Amplifying subdued consumer voices
  • Women find their way into construction jobs
  • Climate change leaves traditional healers in the balance
  • Herders turn to farming to mitigate drought
  • Hague chord strikes on Mt Kenya
Reject Online Issue 46 | Celebrating the Constitution

On August 27, 2010, Kenyans celebrated a historic event that marked promulgation of a new Constitution.

One year later, The Rejectlooks at how far the country has gone with implementation of the new law through a gender lens. This is a 24-page special newspaper that specifically targets women’s gains and issues within our communities and government as the country races against time in ensuring the new laws are enacted.

Reject Online Issue 45
  • Calling for divine intervention
  • Dekha Ibrahim Abdi - Tribute to the world's peace guru
  • Hard times send 'five beardless men' into uncharted territory
  • Search for water shortened as projects bridge gap
  • Girl lands lame from suspect injection
  • Son finds father's running shoes too big
  • Food security and good nutrition are matters of national concern
Reject Online Issue 44

Highlights in this issue:

  • Life beyond Mau evictions
  • Oil prospects raises fresh storm
  • From the South with a message of peace
  • Dialogue on sex opens doors to health again
  • Male circumcision not so strange after all among the Luo
  • Desperate times as maize seeds vanish
  • Boys aim at nothingshort of excellence
  • Lucrative crocodile farming
Reject Online Issue 43

Highlights in this issue:

  • Politics of population
  • The Yaaku, a people on the brink of extinction
  • Mourning the death of family planning
  • School hosts the largest pupil population
  • Village recoups after generation is wiped out
  • Power of reading brought closer to the informal settlement
  • An ignorant population reels in HIV infections
  • The forgotten elderly in Kenya; are they ignored or simply a bother
Reject Online Issue 42 | State of the African Child

8 years after Kenya got independence, the Kenyan child still faces many challenges that include poverty, poor health, child labour, sexual exploitation, culture, human trafficking and lack of education

This special  issue of the Reject Online takes a look at the State of the Kenyan Child.

Highlights in this issue:

  • The pathetic state of Kenya's children
  • University offers hope to asylum seekers
  • Growing up with almost no play for the modern child
  • Fathers lead in molesting children
  • Back to work as sunset grows - Resilient grandmothers provide a future for orphans
  • Child herders of the capital city
  • Rare phenomenon as twins dominate school
  • Why children engage in early sexual début
Reject Online Issue 41
  • Poverty mars the budget -biting inflation forcing Kenyans to skip meals with few options available
  • Could the village be the better option?
  • Kenyans seek options in dealing with inflation
  • Leadership style to blame for bad budget policies
  • Eating sisal in the face of adversity
  • Challenges of raising a special needs child within an economy in a tailspin
  • Sanitary kit initiative to keep girls in school
  • Cassava project to help reduce relief food dependency
  • National Prayer Breakfast - is this the new face of Kenya?
  • High cost of transport bars sick man from his benefits




Reject Online Issue 40
  • Wagalla Massacre: Will the reopened wounds heal completely?
  • Sacred Abindu caves reign high on Nyahera Hills
  • Need to clear grey areas before enactment of reproductive health bill
  • Youth exchange drugs and crime for soccer
  • New testing tool hastens TB treatment
  • Mourning the death of Maragoli forest
  • Malindi chokes under a garbage of inefficiency
  • New breed of beggars invade Mombasa
Reject Online Issue 39

Highlights in this issue of the Reject

  • It is a sorry state for the Kenyan worker
  • It is no longer business as usual as women get down to work
  • Workers toil for unworthy pay
  • Eastleigh sinking under poor infrastructure
  • Content centre hosts team from Ford Foundation
  • Raising the flag autism
Reject Online Issue 38

Highlights in this issue:

  • Marking Easter with nostalgia
  • Justice eludes defiled girl
  • First woman rally driver relives the historic moment
  • Mwingiwood comes to Ukambani with a bang
  • High medical costs drive women to home deliveries
  • Construction of Isiolo Airport begins
  • It's a dog's life for Malindi's drug addicts
Reject Online Issue 37

Highlights in this issue:

  • What ought to be the real story in judicial appointments?
  • Making the best of a bad situation- slum residents use their faeces to generate fuel
  • Mobile courts a relief to the northern frontier but...
  • Cobblers son delivers first A for Narok
  • Banks now loaning money to prostitutes
  • Coping with an austic child
Reject Online Issue 36

Highlights in this issue

  • Vulgar music and HIV Infection
  • TB stigma fuels gender violence
  • Budalangi's transformation
  • No more bowls of relief food
  • Grandmothers on a mission of solidarity
  • Schooling comes to a standstill as well runs dry
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