Strength of a Woman

Strength of a Woman - International Women's Day 2012
Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures

This issue of Strength of a Woman carries inspiring stories that should get women and girls in this country making an about turn on how they think about themselves.

Strength of a Woman - Women, Land and Property

With this special issue on land and property rights, the Strength of a Woman, brings you the untold stories of women, marginalised groups, challenges with the COK 2010 and land policy and the need to connect the dots on issues with land using practical experience.

Strength of a Woman - International Women's Day 2011

Stronger world, stronger nations

March 8 2011 marks the centenary celebration of the International Women's Day, AWC presents a 24-page special newspaper that looks at the gains, challenges and obstacles women have faced particularly in relation to advancing in leadership and education.

In Strength of a Woman, we take stock of women's progress 25 years after the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies and 16 years after the Beijing Platform for Action.

Strength of a Woman - Maternal Health and Death

Strength of a Woman - Maternal Health and DeathThis special issue that looks at what is happening to women who are giving birth under various circumstances and who in one way or another leave behind untold suffering.

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