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Media Diversity Centre

Media Diversity Centre

The Media Diversity Centre is a media project of the African Woman and Child Feature Service that seeks to use public journalism for empowerment of the citizenry.

MDC Programmes revolve around the following:

  • Media content development
  • Generation and dissemination of research, knowledge
  • Media training
  • Collection and distribution of information and knowledge
  • Media monitoring
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Workshop on Reporting on Reproductive Health

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The Media Diversity Centre (MDC), a project of African Woman and Child Features Service is organising a workshop for journalists on reporting on reproductive health. The workshop is a two-day event bringing together correspondents from various parts of the country.

The workshop will cover various topics such as the importance of Reproductive Health reporting, Maternal Health in the context of MDG 5, Ethical issues in reporting on Reproductive Health, Media Ethics and using internet resources to enrich your stories

The Media Diversity Centre works with correspondents to produce a bi-monthly online newspaper The Reject.For the past three months,it has also been inserting the newspaper in The Star to reach a wider audience countrywide.

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Reject Online

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The Reject is a bi-monthly online publication of the Media Diversity Centre. It aims to be the unfiltered, uninhibited... just the gruesome truth.

View various issues of Rejects Online

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