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Tuvuke! Initiative

Tuvuke! Initiative (3)



Under the slogan of K- PEACE 2012, the project seeks   to promote a fair, peaceful and democratic electoral process in Kenya by fostering a culture of fairness, peace, entrenching broad inclusive political participation and advocating  diversity.

The project is implemented by the following organisations:


  • Kenya Women Holding (KWH,)
  • Centre for Conflict Resolution – Kenya (CCR)
  • Inform-Action (IFA)
  • Smart Citizen, Kenya Land Alliance (KLA)
  • Women  Empowerment  Link (WEL)
  • Il’laramatak Community Concerns (ICC)
  • Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK)
  • MAVUNO Church
  • Centre for Rights and Education Awareness (CREAW)
  • Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK)
  • African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWC)
  • TWAWEZA Communications
  • Go-Sheng
  • Men for the Equality of Women (MEW)
  • Muslims for Human  Rights (MUHURI)
  • Moving The Goalposts (MTG)



“During any electoral process in Kenya, the youth and women are always portrayed in the media as victims and perpetrators and this affects their potential to participate either as voters or as aspirants,” says Robert Nyagah, coordinator of AWC supported Media Diversity Centre in Malindi.

Over 29 media practitioners and civil society officials in Kilifi County recently benefited from a training on how to handle the youth and gender issues in the electoral process conducted by African Woman and Child Feature Service under the Tuvuke Peaceful Initiative project.

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Pomp and colour as the Tuvuke initiative is launched

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Pomp and colour characterised the launch of the Tuvuke Initiative in Kenya at a time when the country is implementing the new constitution and preparing for election under a fresh dispensation.

The Tuvuke Launch aired live by a leading media house in Kenya was attended by over 200 invited guests and watched by millions of Kenyans in their homes.

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  • To determine priorities for the strategic engagement of civil society for an election outcome that serves the interests of the citizens, sustains progress with constitutional reforms and promotes a new democracy in Kenya.
  • To develop and reinforce proactive activities to forestall any pre-planned or spontaneous violence as a reaction to the electoral process or the elections outcome.
  • To enhance participation of youth, women, and other excluded groups in the electoral process in Kenya.
  • To build on past support for activities undertaken after the Post-Election Violence in Kenya in 2007/2008 and which  addressed peace and fairness activities
  • To work with the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission to guarantee public confidence in the electoral process and public trust of the outcome of the elections in compliance with the Electoral Act 2011.
  • To  engender  the electoral process  and ensure the inclusion  and representation of women, youth and the marginalized communities.
  • To work with women and youth so that they can become agents of peace and fairness in the electoral process.
  • To enhance the capacity of practitioners in traditional and new media to use their  platforms innovatively for voter and civic education towards free, fair and peaceful elections.



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