Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK)

Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK) (0)

Promote Peace! 
Stop Violence Against Women!


Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK) is a 14 month USAID funded project aimed at rapidly creating a more protective and peaceful environment in the run-up to the Kenyan Election scheduled for March 2013 and thereafter.

The project is aimed at engaging communities in peace messaging and ending gender based violence. It is targeting large numbers of people at the grass roots level in four of the most conflict prone regions in Kenya ( Rift Valley, Nyanza, Nairobi informal settlements and the Coast) and nationwide to build capacity of women's groups and networks to advocate for peace in their communities.

PIK also strives to support a sense of Kenyan identity that overrides ethnicity, the main social schism that has been used before to mobilize violence in pre-and post-election periods.

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