Jadili Project -Alliance for Citizen Driven Reform

Jadili Project -Alliance for Citizen Driven Reform

African Woman and Child Feature Service in partnership with Community Aid International, Bridge Africa, Uzima and Abantu are working towards empowering the Civil Society and citizenry in 15 marginalized districts in 5 provinces to form local movements to effectively participate in a national citizens-driven reform and drive for good governance.

This is a move inspired by the state of Kenya polity today in regard to the various reform processes underway. Reforms that are driven by the people and for the people are key, for this to be achieved, there is need to create awareness in the public, particularly among those not within the mainstream arena of setting and understanding the public agenda.

It is against this background that AWC will partner with the above mentioned organizations to ensure that the voices and views of women and youth in marginalized areas are heard and are informed on the various reform processes which are significant to the quality of their lives.

The partners are working under the name JADILI: A name that embodies a comprehensive and all inclusive citizenry driven reform process.

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Jadili Project Start

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On the 10th of March 2010, the partner organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Having signed the document, AWC held an in-house meeting to plan for a media Reconnaissance activity with the journalists. A media advisory profiling the project was therefore developed and consequently on the 12th of March, there was an introduction of the project to journalists.

Having introduced the project, The Executive Director, AWC, Rosemary Okello attended a CEO’S meeting at the CAI offices to further discuss the way forward. The meeting was key in the sense that it mapped out activities as well as strategies on how best to implement them while keeping partners abreast with each other. Following this meeting, AWC held an in-house meeting to organize for their first media encounter with journalists from across the country to be held on the 12th of April.

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