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{rjpevents/logo.gif|left}Commemorating the 3rd UN World Conference on Women

The main aim of this programme is to strengthen the argument through research the way in which gender and its intersection with other key social categories of marginalization and discrimination is addressed within East Africa and how various organizations in the region have addressed this issue through their work. It will also show that gender equality is intrinsic to participatory democracy and that without a fair participation of women in decision-making structures democracy is undermined.

Other objectives include the support of a scholarly reflection and discussion on current and past debates on gender and development on the continent and to reinvigorate the policy debates and activities flowing out of the Beijing Platform for Action within the region, particularly among young people, while also linking them to new initiatives, such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Nairobi +21 is a series of events and activities that have been designed to offer a critical space for reflection on the commitments of the NFLS and Beijing+10. It presents an opportunity for posing several questions regarding achievements so far and what has changed for women especially in the region over the last twenty one years.
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