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Strengthening, Promotion of, and respect for Women's Rights in Southern Sudan

Strengthening, Promotion of, and respect for Women's Rights in Southern Sudan (7)

The Strengthening, Promotion of, and respect for Women's Rights in Southern Sudan

African woman and Child Feature Service with collaboration the Sustainable Community Outreach Programmes for Empowerment (SCOPE), a local non governmental organization which promotes holistic social transformation, empowerment and community development in South Sudan is implementing the UNIFEM project with the objective to strengthen, promote and respect of women’s rights in Southern Sudan sought to empower women in South Sudan through the media.

The project seeks to empower women in South Sudan through the media. It is also geared towards building the capacity of women as leaders in the countdown to elections as well as giving them visibility through the media, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge and competencies to allow them to take up lead positions in the legislative branch of the government, public offices and civil society at all levels AWC has often used a multimedia strategy approach through advocacy, capacity building, and research and media technical support in order to support women’s participation in democratic governance and decision making structures.

The project recognizes that even though there is expanded democratic space created by the Comprehensive peace Agreement (CPA) signed in January, 2005 and heralded by the 25% Affirmative Action that has seen women ascend into leadership positions in South Sudan, women are still faced with a lot of barriers names access to information, inadequate education, lack of capacity, cultural barriers among other issues. Their numerical strength cannot translate to equity and influencing of major bills coming from Parliament.

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South Sudan Women's Agenda

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ImageAWCFS attended the Conference for Southern Sudanese women in Political Parties, a 3 day workshop organized by Unifem and other partners in Juba, Sudan. The aim of the workshop was to develop a Common Agenda for the upcoming elections. The result was a declaration calling for effective participation of women in political parties and the adoption of gender sensitive party manifestos.

Download your copy of the GEM South Sudan Women’s Agenda and read about the Declaration, challenges and opportunities for South Sudanese Women in the elections as well as profiles of some aspirants for the 2010 Elections

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Formation of radio listening groups

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The role of the media is critical in the issue of gender and governance in the elections. Since radio has the widest reach, AWC partners with Radio Sudan in training women to understand radio content and to educate them on the electoral process and need to vote and also vie for various political seats in large numbers
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Production of Sudan Today Newspaper

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Production of the Sudan Today Newspaper as a training tool to empower the media in South Sudan.

AWC has held training workshop journalists in Juba Town and Torit, in Eastern Equatorial to contribute to strengthening the capacity of South Sudan Journalists to report on Elections Particularly from a gender perspective


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Pioneering of the Editors' Guild in South Sudan

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AWC has held meeting with senior Editors in Juba to emphasize the importance of media in giving visibility to women candidates in a systematized and sustained way.


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Formation of the Association of Media in South Sudan

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AWC is instrumental in the formation of the Association of Media Women in South Sudan (AMWISS), a critical step to women’s empowerment in general and also within the media houses.


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  • Training workshop for media correspondents to sensitize them on gender responsive reporting; development of gender sensitive messages on women’s participation and to understand and popularize the 2008 Oslo recommendations
  • Training workshop for women leaders on effective exploitation of the media space as to endear themselves to communities as leaders
  • Monthly meetings with journalists and editors on topical issues so as to engineer investigative reporting and profiling of women leaders
  • Development of simplified (easy to read and understand) training manual for the media on gender and governance
  • Capacity building for NGOs working with women in advocacy to reach out to the different arms of leadership in the community through the media
  • Partnership with South Sudan/Juba Radio to build capacity over Radio Listening Program 

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