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Kenya is in turmoil – the lives of over 1,000 citizens have been snuffed out, over a quarter of a million Kenyans have been forced to flee from their homes. Somewhere in the midst of media reports of ethnic cleansing, and government claims of a return to calm and normalcy, the real story is being lost. The truth is not weighing into debate as it should.

A group of women journalists have come together, facilitated by the Swedish and Norwegian envoys in Kenya, and launched an initiative called 'Healing the Nation'.

This is an objective with both short and long-term objectives – all to one end. To foster a sense and reality of one-ness in Kenya, to heal the wounds opened up by years of inequality and to tackle head-on, the very issues that have brought this country to its knees in this unprecedented way.

In one phrase, Kenya's women journalists are coming together in commitment to work to promote truth, justice, and peace and healing to Kenya.

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