Safeguarding Women Rights in Transitional Justice

Safeguarding Women Rights in Transitional Justice (0)

A project of African Woman and Child Feature Service(AWCFS) in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa(OSI-EA).

The journey towards gender equality has been long and winding. Over the years, women have struggled to penetrate decision making platforms so as to influence policy therefore alleviating the plight of women.

But never have women being so close to achieving their objective as they are now ; Kenya is at a crossroads as we move from the old Constitution into the new one which has tremendous gains for women. It is against this backdrop that it becomes significant for women to position themselves strategically within this transitional process.

In this regard, AWCFS with the support of OSI-EA has been holding media encounters across the country that bring together journalists and community women to deliberate on the significance of safeguarding women rights within the transitional justice mechanisms in Kenya.


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