Gender Justice Barometer in East Africa

Gender Justice Barometer in East Africa (0)

Using MDG 3 and Commonwealth Plan of Action for Gender Equality to achieve women’s rights in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

The Gender Justice Barometer is a regional instrument which will be developed by the project and AWC intends to use it to measure the achievement of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in line with the MDG3 and Commonwealth Gender Action Plan in East Africa to achieve the intended results of prioritizing women’s leadership. Consequently, one of the key targets of this project will be to improve women’s access to decision making forums in the three countries. The project will make use of the recent significant policy shifts such as the new constitution in the case of Kenya. A major objective of the project will be making claims on the new policies – claims that take cognizance on the role of women in peace building, recovery, development and participation in democratic governance. Thus, project activities will include lobbying for the actual endorsement and realisation of the more significant policy provisos, such as the 30% quota for women in public office as well as in all governance structure

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