Strengthening and Promotion of Women's rights in Kenya

Strengthening and Promotion of Women's rights in Kenya (0)

The objectives of the project are to enhance principles of democracy for citizens to participate in governance regardless of ethnicity, gender and disability status through monitoring of the review process; building the capacity of parliamentary women to advance for women’s rights through the media and monitoring the gender sensitive language use in the media and content development of an electronic newspaper. This project is supported by UNDEF.

In line with the AWC Strategic Plan 2009 – 2013, the UNDEF project fits in all the AWC Thematic focus which is media and gender justice - which pushes for the human right of women and children,In this regard, the AWC as a media organization has a role to play in order to keep key actors accountable on issues of women and childrenas well as bridge the existing inequalities such as governanceand ensure public legislationand policies resonate better with the issues and priorities.

Under the organization’s strategies and action plan for the year, the project cuts across the five strategic areas which are

  • Research and content development
  • Media capacity Development
  • Media and ICT
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Organizational Development

Intended Outcome

  • Increase participation of women in governancethrough the constitutional Reviewprocess in Kenya and theConstitutional Review Process and the TJRC
  • Increase the number of journalists writing on women and gender related stories on the reform agenda
  • Increasevoicesof ordinary women in the media telling their stories
  • Affirmative Action enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya
  • Media having a gender policy

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