Reproductive Health Rights

Reproductive Health Rights (2)

AWC in conjunction with the Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance (RHRA) is working on a project to create and promote awareness on unsafe abortion among the public, journalists, editors and other media practitioners through building partnerships.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To create awareness on unsafe abortion among the public as part of an effort to facilitate and provoke debate on the need for responsive and comprehensive reproductive health rights within a well defined socio-economic and legal framework.
  • To seek interventions on how best to address unsafe abortion in Kenya.
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Raped as family members watch

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When bloodshed erupted after the general election results were announced in Nairobi at the end of December 2007, a bewildered Magdalene Mwati expected the inflamed passions would calm down after a short while.

Mwati kept assuring herself that things would not get any worse.

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Fear, desperation and harm

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If Margaret (24), Salma (18), Miriam (24) and Janet (32) had a choice, they would not have become pregnant in the first place. A fifth testimony of a girl called Sandra was narrated posthumously.  She was 14 years old when she died from the complications of an abortion.

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