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Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation

Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation (3)

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive advocacy programme with a bid to bring the voices of the marginalized into the mainstream through the media namely the women, children, other marginalized groups as well as the disabled.

Despite the fact that there are a number of on-going interventions aimed at addressing the post-election crisis as well as findining ways to address the Comprehensive constitutional review ,Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission, Independent Review Committee and Commission of Inquiry on Post-Election Violence to solve the current security situation, there are a number of gaps that exists within the post-election conflict that requires attention.

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Training workshop for Journalists and Community Leaders

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This training is a collaboration between AWC and the Kenya Correspondents Association and will involve carrying out training workshops for journalists addressing conflict management issues.

The training will also focus on the communities through what we call Media encounters when the journalists and the communities attend workshops together with the aim of providing deeper understandings on the communities’ perspectives on certain issues for the media. Our program also provides significant strengthening to district and provincial government officials.


This project will focus on building awareness of conflict management approaches at the community level and promoting indigenous and contemporary approaches to conflict resolution.

Community Mediation Councils will be established to strengthen community awareness of conflict prevention, mitigation, and resolution mechanisms. The Councils will also develop and enhance community members’ full and active participation in decision- making in affairs affecting peace in their communities.

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