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World Social Forum 2007SOMETIMES people struggle all their lives for justice but they cannot be sure that the world attaches meaning to their efforts until they are acknowledged. 

A small group of veteran freedom fighters for Kenya’s independence were given a standing ovation at the start of the World Social Forum as they relived the memories of their struggles against the British colonial government which stole their youth, livelihoods and families.

A recent review of the Sexual Offences Act by women’s rights organizations has found that while the Act is long overdue piece of legislation in the fight against gender violence, there are potential minefields within the Act that could dampen the expectations it has raised.

After many years of women’s rights campaigns by civil society organizations to end gender based violations, it turns out that these efforts will not have full impact unless all institutions are included in these initiatives.

The signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in Kenya last week by the Sudanese Government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) marks the culmination of a long journey for the women of Southern Sudan.
AWC in conjunction with the Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance (RHRA) is working on a project to create and promote awareness on unsafe abortion among the public, journalists, editors and other media practitioners through building partnerships.

The objectives of the project are:
  • To create awareness on unsafe abortion among the public as part of an effort to facilitate and provoke debate on the need for responsive and comprehensive reproductive health rights within a well defined socio-economic and legal framework.
  • To seek interventions on how best to address unsafe abortion in Kenya.
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{rjpevents/logo.gif|left}Commemorating the 3rd UN World Conference on Women

The main aim of this programme is to strengthen the argument through research the way in which gender and its intersection with other key social categories of marginalization and discrimination is addressed within East Africa and how various organizations in the region have addressed this issue through their work. It will also show that gender equality is intrinsic to participatory democracy and that without a fair participation of women in decision-making structures democracy is undermined.

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Media Score Card Report

The Media Score Card Report: The Coverage of the Referendum Campaigns 2005, evaluates the performance of the media during the National Referendum vote on the proposed draft constitution. The significance of the study is relevant given the extreme criticism directed at the media in the wake of the referendum vote for what was described as a lack of balance in their work.


'In the Shadow of Death'

Download In the Shadow of Death: My trauma, my experience

The book, In the Shadow of Death: My trauma, my experience is public testimony on what the majority women went though during the post-election violence that engulfed Kenya immediately after the Electoral Commission of Kenya announced the results for the hotly- contested presidential polls of the December 2007 General Election.

The crisis brought to the fore a number of factors that separate our society but for long have been ignored by successive post-independence governments: poverty, land, inequality, tribalism, among others.

Promises and Realities:Taking Stock of the 3rd UN International Women's Conference 4 World Conferences on women's issues have been organized under the auspices of the United Nations. The 3rd International Women's Conference held in 1985 forms the pivot of this book. This meeting recommended practical and effective steps for global action to promote equality, development and peace for women.

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