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Women's Power through the Constitution

Cover of Women's Power through the Constitution

Our constitution, Our life!!

For the first time in the history of Kenya, there is a Constitution that recognizes the rights of women. As the country embarks on the implementation of the new law, Kenyans must remain vigilant and ensure that no gain is eroded. This is particularly so for women who will have to be vigilant to ensure that the laws being implemented also reinforce the spirit of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The gains summarized herein include how women can ensure that these gains are realized. These are prohibition of all forms of discrimination including violence against women; women’s right to own and inherit land; equality in marriage; right to matrimonial property; invalidity of discriminatory customary law; guaranteed women’s representation; women’s right to bestow citizenship to their foreign spouses and or children; and equal parental responsibility;

The booklet puts together the women’s gains realized in the constitution, draws out points of implementation and gives a summary of what it means for women and how they can use it

Reject 77 Highlights of this issue:
  • Comprehensive Profiles of 15 Women candidates
  • Guard your tongue: The smallest body part key to  peaceful elections
  • Reject writer emerges top at Tupange awards
  • High cost of heart surgery gives mother sleepless nights
  • Media urged to promote peace through positive stories
  • Rift Valley drama group 'takes' justice to the village
  • Coast is all out for peaceful elections
  • Breaking the culture of ethnic hostility in Kenya
  • Women boycott Valentines Day to stop GBV
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Kenyan Woman Issue 35

Special Edition of the Kenyan Woman with comprehensive coverage of Gender & Elections

In this issue:Kenyan Woman 35: Cover of Elections and Gender special issue

  • 8 pages of profiles of Women Candidates in the 2013 Elections
  • Judiciary assures women candidates on election related violence
  • Campaign to stop gender based violence ahead of the elections launched
  • Fate of immediate former women MPs hangs in the balance
  • Social fabric threatened as gender based violence eats at families
  • ICC trust fund receives major boost from UK
  • Those blocking women's empowerment to be blacklisted

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Reject Online Issue 76

Reject Online Issue 76Highlights in this issue:

  • Initiatives to address HIV through community dialogue
  • Futile search for a national identity card
  • Crocodile infested rivers leave villagers maimed and desperate
  • Intricate land ownership will affect construction of Taveta County headquarters
  • Government set to vet beach operators
  • Billionaires club hopes to contain tourist harassment
  • Soya farming to set to improve farmers' livelihoods
  • Women form peace forums to mitigate against regional conflict
  • Peace initiatives set agenda for a conflict free election
  • Media, women urged to promote peace during elections
  • Opinion polls and the media, which way forward?
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Kenyan Woman Issue 34

Kenyan Woman Issue 34 Highlights in this issue:

  • Glaring gender inequality
  • Election pacts push women to the side lines
  • Aziza Abdalla: How gender discrimination saw bright girl lose out in education
  • Fear factor dominates elections
  • Coast women ready for elections
  • Women, youth ill-prepared for elections
  • Strong women emerge to lead in Maasai land
  • Slum women championing peace and proper sanitation
  • Najia Zewari: Key to peace lies in women's hand
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Project Objectives

This project is designed to address the lack of women voices in the media content and their representation in media structures. A report of the monitoring will remind them of their failures in this regard. It is expected after this, there is going to be an increase in the percentage of women whose views form part of the media agenda



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Project Activities

  • Developing/reviewing media monitoring tools
  • Training Media monitors on the tools
  • Monitoring the stories in newspapers and programmes
  • Sensitization workshop for senior editors on the implications of the monitoring findings
  • Impacting journalists and sub-editors with skills on how to analyse issues from a gender perspective

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Project Activities

  • Documentation of case studies on women’s experiences on their rights and how cultural and traditional beliefs might hinder the full enjoyment of the rights as spelt out in the new constitution;
  • Produce a weekly documentary on women  and the transitional justice in line with the devolve structure through the Nation TV called the Strength of a Woman
  • Write  weekly articles on the experiences of women and the new constitution
  • Publish a book on women who have made a mark in Kenya through the journey of constitutional reform
  • Develop a simplified format of the devolved structure as it relates to women for broad dissemination through the media.
  • Develop a media strategy for the project Communication (radio, TV, Drama, etc. for women to understand the opportunities which the new constitution offers especially at the grassroots level)
  • Develop priority areas for women on the new  Constitution through the iidentification of root causes of barriers that might be a hindrance for them
  • Hold ddialogues between women’s organisations and the media on the constitution at all levels and this will  be aired  on FM radio stations of the using the various languages
  • Identify and train women in order to bring in ordinary women’s voices in political consultation or representation using the media namely radio, print and TV. Communication (radio, TV, Drama, etc.)
  • Develop   a weekly commentary and feature stories/interviews with various people with a bias towards women, on perspectives that touch on women’s rights and the new constitution
  • Develop training tools for women and the media with an aim of  monitoring the implementation of the new constitution
  • Hold a dialogue series with senior women journalists to provide a platform for identifying the issues which require urgent and sensitive attention by the country’s media on women’s rights
  • Train journalists on gender reporting in line with the new constitution
  • Set up an AWC Editorial team at county level to develop community voices and the stories will be edited and published in the local press to help set agenda on the circumstances of women and children as well as the concerns that will need to be emphasized by the mediation team
  • Establish media  committees at community levels
  • Organize community forums with community leaders, women politicians and women organisations and correspondents in 47 Counties together with the journalists


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