Strategic Enhancement of the role of women in Peace, Security & Development in Kenya

The project aimed at enhancing the role of women in peace, security & development in Kenya first through the enhancement of women’s representation in local and national governance, especially on issues as critical as peace and security   and secondly through increasing of women’s access to agency.

The objectives of the project were:

  • Inform women about the abundant opportunities availed by the policy changes vis-à-vis the new constitution.
  • Empower women leaders and journalists through training and provision of vital tools, to take up critical roles in Kenyan leadership.
  • Advocate for inclusive processes that place women at the center of peace, security and development decision making spaces

Some of the completed activities include:

  • Development of a Simplified handbook on the constitutional provisos affecting women; especially those on socio-economic rights.
  • Training sessions on political leadership for women candidates at county and national levels
  • Conducted training sessions on peace and advocacy techniques, including conflict resolution for elected leaders
  • Trainings for journalists and correspondents on peace journalism
  • Monitoring on how the mainstream media report issues on conflict and violence from a gender perspective
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Women's Powers through the Constitution

This booklet puts together the women's gains realised in the constitution, draws out points of implementation and gives a summary of what it means for women and how they can use it.

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