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Women@Work Campaign

African Woman and Child (AWC) Feature Service is currently implementing the Jamii Thabiti programme that focuses on three forms of violence: Violence against Women and Girls; Criminal Violence, and Inter-Communal Violence. Under this programme, AWC Feature Service is focusing on Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG). In this regard, the organization is working with state and non-state actors to end this form of violence.

AWCFS will be holding a training workshop with the Police who are a strategic partner in this programme.

The two-day workshop will be held in Nakuru County from the 30th to 31st  May, 2017

Some of the workshop objectives:

  1. To increase understanding and clarity of police officers on definition, forms, and presentation of violence against women and girls
  2. To enhance the knowledge and skills of police officers on laws, policies, procedures and other responses to violence against women and girls
  3. To strengthen the abilities of a critical mass of Kenya police officers to identify and offer the appropriate information and assistance to, and ensure justice for victims and survivors of violence against women and girls


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Women making a difference in Leadership

This publication is part of a series of compilation of profiles of women political leaders in Kenya. This has been made possible with the support of UN Women in producing a series of profiles of women leaders in Kenya, highlighting their capabilities and the value they bring to leadership and governance processes.

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Jamii Thabiti Magazine

The Jamii Thabiti Programme is about improving community security and safety. It is being supported by the United Kingdom through the Department for International Development (DFID). It is being implemented by Coffey International in partnership with 40 organisations working closely with the Government of Kenya including both national and county level institutions.

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