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Kenyan GBV activists unite to demand justice for rape victims

Kenyan GBV activists unite to demand justice for rape victims

The case of LIZ a sixteen year old girl who was gang-raped in Busia County, in Western Kenya over four months ago has literately refused to go away.

LIZ was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral when she was ambushed by six men who took turns raping her and then threw her unconscious body down a six meter pit latrine. LIZ horror story has sent shockwaves throughout the world and the police are under pressure to respond.

“Nothing will truly change unless the government is put under the global spotlight,” says Fanis Lisiagali from Health Care Assistance Kenya.

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Marriage Bill set to protect women’s rights in Kenya

Marriage Bill set to protect women’s rights in Kenya

Family life in Kenya will no longer be the same going by the debate and pending enactment of the long-awaited Marriage Bill 2013 which is before Parliament.

This law comes at an opportune time when women are already looked after to make the 2/3 gender employment ratio and also getting elected into positions that were originally occupied by men.

In the past, women and children have suffered discrimination, abuse and harassment in their matrimonial homes for a long time. This is highlighted in the Bill of Rights and the affirmative action principle.

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Kenyan women, stand up and be counted in national debates

As the debate over how best to implement devolution as stipulated in the three-year-old Constitution rages on, the gender dimension seems to have been forgotten in the cacophony of the noise.

No one is talking any more about the two thirds principle that is enshrined in the supreme law as an affirmative action approach to gender equality.

This is despite the fact that most of the 47 Counties have not adhered to the gender rule in appointing members of the County Executive (Cabinet) as per the gender rule.

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Community Land Rights Newspaper

Cover of the Community Land rights paper Special newspaper for the Conference on Community Land Law, held 6 - 7th June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya

icon Download the Community Land Rights newspaper

Highlights from this paper:

    Kenya's community land, which way for the country?
  • Drafting of community land law bill over
  • Deafening silence on right of women to own land
  • Will law provide reprieve to the Mukuru slumlords phenomenon?
  • Investors in Tana River derail community land rights
  • A fairly advanced tenure system in Tanzania
  • Commission set to protect land
  • Land use to embrace sustainable approach
  • Now legal options give women a channel to land rights

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Gender & Elections Special Papers

Gender & Elections Special issues

We believe women are at the heart of Kenya's transformation. This election is going to present the highest number of highly capable women vying for elective positions. We've profiled some of the aspirants in our 3 publications, access the highlights via the links below:

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Strength of a Woman - Women, Land & Property

With this special issue on land and property rights, the Strength of a Woman, a product of the African Woman and Child Feature Service is again bringing you the untold stories of women, marginalised groups, challenges with the COK2010 and land policy and the need to connect the dots on issues with land using practical experience.


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