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For the first time in Kenyan history, the Kenyan Parliament has got more women as Members of Parliament. With 22 women MPs out of 222, the figures are still small comparing with Rwanda which has supposed the 50% mark and now stands at 56.7%.

However, to be able gauge how Parliament is trying to mainstream gender issues in its day to day activities, from debates on different bills, priority of bills to Committee Sessions, African Woman and Child Feature Service has developed a Scorecard to monitor Parliament with key set indicators.

The aim is to establish from a qualitative aspect the difference women bring into Parliament and the following indicators will be used;

- Question time in Parliament (who asks what, depending on the parameters, e.g. type of questions asked by elected vs. nominated MPs, gender, region, political party, education level, profession, etc.)

- Motions (Who brings what motion, again, depending on the parameters).

         > Bills (a critique of private members' Bills, depending on the benchmarks set)

         > Participation during debates (Is gender an issue? or what other factors influence the intensity, or otherwise of a member's participation)

- Parliamentary Committee: How active are female MPs when their committee reports are tabled?

NOTE: We will assess these benchmarks on a weekly and monthly basis and pass a verdict, together with suggestions on strengthening weak links and the findings will be published in the Nation Newspaper.


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Community Land Rights Newspaper

Cover of the Community Land rights paper Special newspaper for the Conference on Community Land Law, held 6 - 7th June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya

icon Download the Community Land Rights newspaper

Highlights from this paper:

    Kenya's community land, which way for the country?
  • Drafting of community land law bill over
  • Deafening silence on right of women to own land
  • Will law provide reprieve to the Mukuru slumlords phenomenon?
  • Investors in Tana River derail community land rights
  • A fairly advanced tenure system in Tanzania
  • Commission set to protect land
  • Land use to embrace sustainable approach
  • Now legal options give women a channel to land rights

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Kenyan Woman

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Gender & Elections Special issues

We believe women are at the heart of Kenya's transformation. This election is going to present the highest number of highly capable women vying for elective positions. We've profiled some of the aspirants in our 3 publications, access the highlights via the links below:

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Strength of a Woman - Women, Land & Property

With this special issue on land and property rights, the Strength of a Woman, a product of the African Woman and Child Feature Service is again bringing you the untold stories of women, marginalised groups, challenges with the COK2010 and land policy and the need to connect the dots on issues with land using practical experience.


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